battery management system

We are there right from the start – our battery management is one of the first systems available for lithium batteries.
Battery Management – System Made in Germany

With our system you have several advantages:

  • Experience from the beginning – since 2003
  • Simple assembly
  • Complete temperature management
  • Complete voltage management
  • RS232 and CAN BUS interface

Minimum configuration of a battery management:

  • Master unit (main control unit)
  • Cell Balancing Unit (cell board for measuring voltage, temperature and for balancing)
  • BUS – relay with potential-free contacts (to control charging, discharging and air conditioning)
  • Current sensors in different resolutions (350A – 1600A)

Optional modules:

  • Bluetooth adapter for our app for Apple and Android
  • BMS – BUS – CAN Box (to control chargers etc.)
  • different HMI – displays (Fuel Gauge, LED – display and colour display)
  • GSM communication module (for online connection of the BMS)

The big advantage for you is that the soft- and hardware as well as the development and production take place in our company. This allows us to react flexibly and quickly to customer-specific requests such as new implementation of CAN protocols, changed switching criteria in the software and changed hardware.

Become one of our satisfied customers and trust our German know-how.