Article number : 310315-2
Application: GBS LFMP100AH-H
bore diameter: 4,5mm
Dimensions: Connection: AMP – TE 8-215083-0 Wire to board connector
Operating voltage: 12V DC
Voltage range: 2.5V – 4.2V Shunt
Resistance: 3.2 Ohm
Balancing Current Inom: 1A at 3,2V (max. 1,3A at 4,2V)
Ptot: 3.2W (max. 5.5W)
Voltage measurement accuracy: +/-10mV
Temperature range: -40°C to +80°C
Temperature measurement accuracy: 2K

Please note during installation:

After placing the cell connectors on the poles, the cell boards are screwed onto the cell connectors. For a secure contact, we recommend securing the cell connector with a threaded bolt, washer and nut. The cell board is then mounted on the cell connector. Make sure that the polarity of cell and cell board is the same (+ and – polarity is marked on the board)! The cell board must not lie directly on the connector, the resistor is located on the rear side. This can otherwise be damaged under circumstances, for damage by disregard, we assume no liability.