With this kit you can control your original fuel gauge and display the SOC (level of the battery). Almost all original displays are compatible, alternatively different fuel gauges available on the internet can be used.

A small assembly – example:

Converted vehicle on electric drive, for the SOC – issue the original fuel gauge is used. For this you can use our kit and assemble according to the instructions. The output signal from the Fuel Gauge Connector Box can simply be fed in instead of the original tank sensor, thus no intervention in the vehicle’s own electronics is necessary.

BMS Fuel Gauge Connector for Resistance Attributed Displays

  • Fits only our master units with SMD assembly
  • Old hardware variants only on request
  • Easy configuration via USB with our Windows program
  • Easy update of the firmware of the BMS Fuel Gauge Connector via USB with our update program for Windows
  • you will find the appropriate driver
  • You will find instructions