BoostPack 3S/102.5 Ah

– Capacity: 1.13775 KWh / 102.5 Ah
– Weight: 7,08 Kg
– 2 internal temperature sensors: KTY 81-110
– Wh per litre: 308
– Dimensions: 278mm x 177mm x 77mm / +-2mm
– Operating voltage: 9.0 V – 12.6 V / 11.1 V Nominal voltage
– Maximum charging current: 102.5 A / 1C
– Optimum duration Discharge current 102.5 A / 1C
– Maximum discharge current S1: 205 A / 2C for max. 10 minutes
– Maximum peak discharge current S2: 341 A / 3.33C for max. 1 minute
– Maximum peak discharge current S3: 512 A / 5C maximum 5 seconds in 2 minutes
– Temperature range: discharging = -20°C to 60°C / charging = 0°C to 45°C
– Maximum continuous operating temperature: 60°C
– Cycles: 2000 cycles at 80% discharge depth at 25°C result in approx. 20% loss of capacity
– Calendar capacity loss per year approx. 2% at 25°C ambient temperature
– Cell chemistry: NMC
– Certificates: UN 38.3 / CE / MSDS
– Manufacturer/Developer: Boostech Electromechanics & Precision Engineering
– utility model protected

New development with an unbeatable energy density and at the same time a high intrinsic safety.
This cell chemistry is as safe as comparable LiFePO4 batteries.
Two internal temperature sensors for monitoring the core temperature, this is unique in the field of prismatic battery packs.
Our batteries have a high thermal safety, the thermal runaway only starts at 210°C, compared to LiFePO4 at 270°C.
The batteries can be monitored and controlled by our battery management system, which has been successfully marketed for over 15 years.
Therefore there is no danger of deep discharge, overcharging or overheating.
All battery parameters are monitored.

You have your own BMS? No problem, a use with other BMS – systems is unproblematic.

You too can become one of our satisfied customers.

Scope of delivery:

1 x BoostPack 102,5 Ah 3S 11,1V
3 X cell connectors 0.5mm copper nickel-plated (each cell connector 67.5 A continuous)