Input voltage: 36V-60V DC
Output voltage: 13.8V±0.2V
Max. Output current: 50A
Maximum efficiency: ≥88%.
Degree of protection: IP65
Operating temperature: -20℃-+60℃

The isolated DC-DC converter uses advanced high frequency power conversion technology and is designed to charge the battery voltage to 12V and power vehicle mounted devices such as lamps and audio systems. Its features include small size, high efficiency, stabilized output voltage and full protection.
The isolated DC-DC converter is fully galvanically isolated from the input to output to ensure the safety of the application. The stabilized output voltage can be used to charge 12V vehicle batteries. The DC-DC converters can be used directly in parallel to increase the output current.

Protection & Functions

Water and vibration protected
Key switch control: The DC-DC converter can be controlled with a key switch instead of an input relay.
Overheat protection: The DC-DC converter automatically reduces the output current when the temperature exceeds 65°C, but does not shut down to ensure continuous performance for the application.
Short-circuit protection: The DC-DC converter automatically shuts down and resets automatically when there is no more short-circuit.