DIY PV Storage

You are not interested in non-transparent solutions and opaque product solutions? Then you are exactly right here!

With this complete set you have the possibility to install an energy storage system in your existing photovoltaic system.

With the electricity meter included in this set, the inverter recognizes how much electricity you are currently drawing from the grid. Based on this data, the inverter controls against it on its own until your current withdrawal from the public grid is 0 A again.

This means that you do not draw any power from the public grid during this time, saving you money and of course protecting the environment.

The inverter also functions as a battery charger. As soon as your existing solar system starts feeding into the public grid, our electricity meter recognizes this and automatically counteracts it. This means that you do not waste energy for the feed-in but feed it directly into the battery until it is fully charged. Afterwards the surplus electricity is fed back into the public grid as usual.

The set consists of the following components:

10 x BoostPack 11,38 KWh

1 x Victron Multiplus 2

1 x 1 phase winner Smart electricity meter

1 x Complete BMS system

Another advantage of this set is that you can expand your existing battery capacity at any time.

Example battery configuration is a multiple of 11.38 KWh.

Do not hesitate, just contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Please note that depending on the location and distance between the components, the length of the cables can vary greatly, for this reason battery cables and network cables are not included.