Set 12 KW electric motor 70 Nm + Sevcon Gen4 Size6 48/96V

This set consists of a motor including a parameterized controller.

The motor – set has already been installed in the following vehicles:

Duck 2CV , Fiat 500 , Mini Classic , Smart , …

And various other projects from customers.

The engine is characterized by its extremely quiet running and its good power development. It is produced by a German company for a large automobile manufacturer and used in the automotive sector.
The engine is well suited for smaller vehicles such as 2CV duck, Fiat 500, Mini Classic, Smart etc.. It is also used in the boat sector.

For many vehicles there are ready-made flange adapters for mounting on the original gearbox.


– Pnom: 12kW / 70Nm
– Standard voltage range of the DC link: 48 V
– External dimensions: L = 270 mm; D = 206 mm
– Engine weight: 36kg
– Air cooled
– Protection class IP55
– Motor is supplied with cable.


– For this electric motor there is an input gear with differential for direct drive use.
– Delivery with ready parameterized controller
– Operation as starter/generator possible
– Suitable as drive for e.g. vehicles or ships
– Modular design, therefore integration into many combustion engines possible through minor adaptations


The Gen4 series represents the latest design in compact AC controllers. These reliable controllers are designed for on-road and off-road electric vehicles and are the industry’s smallest in size due to their performance.

Thanks to their high efficiency, these controllers can be integrated in the tightest spaces without compromising performance. The design has been optimised for the lowest installation costs and the highest reliability in the most demanding applications.

– Advanced flux vector control
– Autocheck system diagnosis
– Integrated logic circuit
– Hardware & software more fail-safe by Watchdog
– Supports both PMAC and AC motors
– Induction motor control
– Integrated fuse holder
– Protection class IP66
Operating Voltage
39.1-116 VDC
Current (120s)
Boost (10s) 660A