This set consists of a motor including a parameterized controller.

The motor is characterized by its extremely quiet running and its good power development. In addition, compared to various asynchronous motors, this motor is only a fraction as large, with lower weight and better performance.

The data speaks for itself, become one of our satisfied customers and be inspired by this unbeatable offer.

The motor – set is already used successfully with the customer in the following applications:

Converted motorbike to electric drive

And many other applications.

Motor data

Pmax: 42 kW
Pnom: 25 kW
Standard voltage range of the DC link: 96V
Max. Torque: 160 Nm; Speed range: 0 to 5300 rpm
Weight: 35 kg
External dimensions: L = 252 mm; D = 256 mm
IEC EN 50347 Flange
Locating bearing on the flange side
Permament excited synchronous machine
Protection class IP65 / IP69k
Motor data sheet only on request.
Motor is supplied without cable.

Special features

High power density, high efficiency (95 % at rated power) and a very effective heat dissipation concept
Delivery with ready parameterized controller
Operation as starter/generator possible
Also suitable as drive for e.g. ships or vehicles
Modular design, therefore integration into many combustion engines possible through minor adaptations

data controller

Advanced flux vector control
Autocheck system diagnosis
Integrated logic circuit
Hardware & software more fail-safe by Watchdog
Supports both PMAC and AC motors
Induction motor control
Integrated fuse holder
Protection class IP6