Charging socket, type 2, 32 A, male, 3-phase

Charging socket according to IEC 62196-2
for mounting on vehicle side
tested by TÜV Rheinland
high-quality stable execution
with removable sealed cover cap
Prepared for mounting 3 mm LED for red and green display
Contacts: 3 x L + N + PE, and PP + CP
Cable cross-sections: 5 × 6 mm² and 2 × 0.5 mm²
up to 32 A, 240 V AC/phase
contacts for crimping or soldering
with rubber grommet as splash water protection
Plug contacts can be removed and contacted individually
IP54, dust and splash water protection
Colour: black
Electromechanical plug locking available separately

Since the assembly of charging or adapter cables is very demanding, this should only be carried out by qualified personnel.
Consequential damage due to incorrect handling or installation will not be accepted.

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