Cell plate balancing:

Dimensions: 123,5×27,5x7mm
Resistance on the cell boards is switched on at

  • Cell voltage > shunt voltage AND current < 10A
  • The shunt voltage (Ushunt) can be set between 3.40V and 4.00V via the menu.
  • Recommended basic setting Ushunt is 3,48V

Temperature measurement for cell boards with temperature sensor from software version V7.0
Measurement of the cell temperature with sensor on the cell board:

The measurement of the cell temperature serves primarily to control the air conditioning (heating, cooling) of the cells.
Tol. of the measurement: +/- 3K
Switching thresholds on relay with address 232 “Heating/air conditioning”: <5 °C “on”.

Please note during installation:

After placing the cell connectors on the poles, the cell boards are screwed onto the cell connectors. For a secure contact, we recommend securing the cell connector with a threaded bolt, washer and nut. The cell board is then mounted on the cell connector. Make sure that the polarity of cell and cell board is the same (+ and – polarity is marked on the board)!

The cell board must not lie directly on the connector, the resistor is located on the rear side.
This can otherwise be damaged under circumstances, for damage by disregard, we assume no liability.