The Sevcon Clearview Display is a color display for Sevcon brand controllers.

This display is an extensive supplement and offers a variety of information through the display.

Displayed values in the display main page:

AC Motor Current
engine temperature
battery voltage
Motor speed Digital and analog as graphic
Accelerator pedal position 0-100%


3.5 inch, 320×240, 256 color display.
Automatic baud rate detection
Support of single and multiple nodes
Display of active errors and warnings
Displays a historical error log for engine control system errors.
Flash programmable to display software updates
Calibration functionality available to make performance adjustments to the vehicle (via password entry).
Option for your company logo or custom image on the power-up splash screen (contact for more information).
Displays driver input status signals such as throttle, direction, handbrake, etc.
Displays system status information such as engine temperature, battery voltage, engine current, etc.

Technical data:

Operating voltage: 21V to 28.8V
User interface: 3-button keyboard input
Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Out of service temperature: -30°C to +70°C
weight: 0,3kg
IP protection class: IP54