7m charging cable 3 phase to 16A Ideal for on the road at charging stations or wall boxes at home.

Suitable for all electric vehicles with type 2 connection.

The cable is coded to 16A so it allows a maximum charging power of 11 kW.

Suitable for all vehicles with type 2 charging connection such as Tesla Model S X 3, VW E-Golf, E-UP, Passat GTE Renault Zoe, Smart, Mercedes B Class Eletric, BMW I3 I8, etc.

Charging cable (Mode 3) for your electric car, 16A, 11 kW, 3-phase,
Charging plug in accordance with IEC 62196-2, with protective cap on strip,
with type 2 charging plug and charging coupling ,
CP interconnected,
Quality cables: CE and RoHS,
400 V, 3P+N+PE x 6.0 qmm and PP + CP,
Colour: cable blue, plug white,
Length of the connecting cable: 7 meters ,
Resistance coding between PE and PP